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0. Introducing Sassy Spirituality



Welcome to the first episode of Sassy Spirituality. We have a new name, a new look, and a new flow, but it’s still me. We’re still being sassy, we’re still being soulful, and we still gone get spiritual, just in a different way.

To get things started and kick it off let me formally introduce myself.

I’m your host, Tierney C. Jordan. I'm the Sassy Spiritualist. I’m a public theologian, digital content creator, consultant, writer, and preacher. Through a sex-positive Afrocentric Womanist lens and approach to all the things I do I’m here to help you embrace the sassy aspects of your spirituality. My work centers liberation, justice, and wholeness for all. And I am super glad you are here for this episode of Sassy Spirituality.

It’s Black women for me. This podcast is made by a Black woman, for Black women and we will be doing Black women things in this space.

In my time away I’ve had time to really think about what I want the podcast to be , how I want to use my voice, and I think God and I have finally landed on something that feels good to the both of us.

Sassy Spirituality with Tierney Jordan is back with a twist Nov. 9th! Tierney, is a public theologian, digital content creator, and host of Sassy Spirituality, a digital sacred space that allows us to explore how our spirituality can be Saucy, Autonomous, Soul-Searching, Sensual, and Yearning. If you’re interested in a liberated approach to all things spiritual, you’re certainly found the right place. Join us biweekly on Tuesdays and engage the global conversation by using #SassySpiritualityPod.

Sassy Spirituality is a community for everyone who wants to reclaim sassy and bring all affirm that God wants you to bring all of who you are to your spirituality and faith journey. The first step to reclaiming sassy is to redefine it for ourselves, the powers that be have told us that Sassy is a bad word, but we’re here to debunk that myth and in the way of Audre Lorde define things for ourselves. So here we define sassy as: Saucey, Autonomous, Soul-Searching, Sensual, and Yearning

Stay connected with us in IG @sassyspiritualitypod

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